Enochs Hero


The Brief

Use an illustrative approach to liven up an already existing brand across menus, business cards, advertising and social media. A nautical theme is essential to get the brand identity across these channels.

Agency: View Creative Agency

Enochs award winning Fish & Chips. Their chips are twice fried for taste and texture, using seasonal potatoes. They use high-oleic sunflower oil and are the only Fish & Chip shop in the world that use this. Sustainability is at the heart of everything they do (hell yeah!), sourcing food responsibly, recycling and using biodegradable packaging. They work with the environment in mind.

When you get a ready-made brand to work with such as Enochs, the part to play, for me, was creating illustrative elements that could be used to frame and enhance content. The colour palette and font selection were already in place and I had to deliver slick typographical layouts for menus, ads and social media but with the reinforcement of illustration to complement the styling. A limited maritime colour scheme of royal blue and red gives a mighty punch of a salty seaside scene. I created website header images that were season specific; autumnal blustering waves, sexy valentine sea-maidens and a bearded, pipe-smoking Santa were among many.

Pirates with hooks, mermaids with crowns, anchors, ship wheels, life rings, crabs, seashells and seagulls... nostalgic adventures and fairytales. This fundamentally embraces what the Enochs Fish & Chips brand stands for. It's fun and sentimental, evocative of legends and dreams. Yes, it's Fish & Chips but it's more starry-eyed than that.

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