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The Brief

An already established business that needs a brand update. The client would like to keep a vintage feel to the letterform and the recognised purple colour palette. The brand needs to feel fresh and fun and work across all print and digital platforms from uniforms to social media.

Agency: View Creative Agency

Silv and Sarah, are a husband and wife team running an event business for every occasion. Based in North Wales they offer a range of photo booths, including their Hollywood themed magic mirror and the luxury vintage booth. They also have fun casino tables, DJs and host theme nights. The idea being that they can deliver a quality entertainment hub where you can book all your evening entertainment.

The pair are design savvy themselves and they knew what they were after from the off. They wanted something modern and simple but with a vintage twist. I went about sketching out the bespoke type with flourishes, subtle serifs and with an angled baseline. I then digitally redrew the logotype and tinkered with the swash characters until the balance felt right. The logo feels feminine and pretty but it is also bold enough to really stand out.

I then created an icon that would work as a stand alone graphic but that would work together with the main logo and used for patterns, social media profile pictures or even as a stamp. The icon combines two hearts with loops to reflects the loops in the logo, with the E and L either side. The majority of their bookings are for weddings and the hearts represent this.

I created a series of sketches to be used as icons that work nicely with the rest of the brand to categorise the different services that the business offers.

Leaflets and a shiny new website have been created and the logo rolled out onto banners, uniforms and across social media.

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