Family Farms Packaging

Family Farms

The Brief

Create a logo that is rustic and has a heritage quality. Branding must bring a sense of origin and portray the clean fresh air and green pastures of Welsh hills of the Family Farms location. It must appeal to a wide audience and present products to consumers in a modern context.

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Family Farms are a group of eight Welsh lamb producers who farm in harmony with the environment. They're passionate about producing high quality, farm assured, fully traceable PGI Welsh lamb. Their vision is to increase the domestic consumption of Welsh lamb by creating exciting, innovative recipes and flavours which appeal to all demographics.

The logo itself had to include the Welsh translation for Family Farms 'Ffermydd Teuluol'. Originally it was to be fully bilingual with either Welsh prominent or equal balance Welsh/English but we decided early on that with a large portion of their market being English speaking, English would be more appropriate. A simple identity solution with an aged hand stamped effect to add character was created. Illustrated brand assets used in the background again strengthen the heritage of the family farm location. Hand drawn elements give a wood block effect of a provincial, rural landscape; snowdonia mountain range, stone walls, live stock etc.

Packaging for six tasty flavours of lamb burgers and three delicious lamb meatballs in sauce has been created. Marketing print collateral has also been designed to support and promote sales.

These guys really do produce outstanding food. I've tried and tested and I can confirm that I am a firm fan of theirs and I'd personally recommend their red wine and rosemary meatballs with some creamy mash... yum!

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