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Llaeth Y Llan

The Brief

New packaging must be bright, colourful and fun. Featuring bold patterns with a nod to traditional Welsh blanket patterns, in an abstract way. Point of sales need to feature the Llaeth Y Llan heritage - a family run business nestled in the Welsh countryside, producing superb award winning yogurt.

Agency: View Creative Agency

First up was redesigning the artwork for the yogurt pots. There are currently 14 small pots, 7 large, kids multipack and catering buckets. Llaeth y Llan are always developing and experimenting with new flavours and they have a brand new dairy on-site which produce yogurt that is distributed throughout Wales and parts on England too. If you're in Wales, you'll likely have seen their pretty packaging and tasty yogurt in all the supermarkets - you can't really miss them! Black Cherry is my fave.

Using Pantone ink meant that we could ensure vibrancy of the colours and really set out to make the pots pop on shelf, next to competitors. All pots had illustrations to further distinguish flavour at a glance.

There has been a good deal of print work that is used to promote the product both here and for an overseas market - export is the next big thing for the company. Adverts, display banners, brand guidelines, wall murals, stationery and also digital design. A big company needs to have all bases covered in that respect.

I have worked on a number of illustrations for this company. The most fun was for the kids multipack packaging where I have combined hand made lettering with illustrations of the rolling hills, cows and flowers. This is a product I buy for my own kids as they're lunchbox size, so the design had to appeal to parents, like myself, to be encouraged to buy with health claims on the packaging to stand out.

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