Mamws Hero


The Brief

Create branding for an interiors company. Pioneered by a Welsh mother who hand makes bespoke lampshades to sell to an online community. Mamws being the name the clients children call her for 'mother' - branding must reflect this and have a feeling of 'home'.

Agency: View Creative Agency

My first meeting with the client and her husband was captivating. It was as though they had let me into their little world and I felt that I sort of 'got them', instantly. It's nice when that happens! They have TWO sets of twins... wow! This was something I really wanted to try and build into their logo. Mamws is a made up word their youngest set of twins call their mother. I found this endearing and so created the logo using the 'm' and 'w' as a mirror image, an identical reflection. I used a font that had soft, rounded edges and felt comfortable and friendly. I got big vibes that the colour mustard and slate suited the brand and as it turns out are the clients favourite colours - I must have been on the ball that day.

At first, Mamws made lampshades alone, collaborating with local Welsh artists and the finest quality textiles. I had bespoke lampshades made for my own home which I completely love. I designed branded woven labels which are stitched into the seams. They've now branched out into other homewares; scented candles, aprons, mugs and cushions which all incorporate their branding. The flecked stoneware clay mugs are hand thrown and painted by British potter, Libby Ballard, featuring the Mamws branding embossed into the clay.

Mamws have gift vouchers, which I have designed, and are available to purchase through their website.

Mamws Cushion Label
Mamws MugsMamws Tryfan Lampshade
Mamws Lampshade Niki
Mamws Lampshade BranwenMamws Business Cards