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The Brief

Design a FREE guide to encourage children and their parents to get outdoors and explore the area they live in. Must be colourful and illustrative and something parents can to refer to for ideas to get out and about in their area. It needs to be based on location and non gender specific.

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The first guide was designed for Community and Voluntary Support Conwy (CVSC) but the success of this encouraged Angelsey County Council to also produce their own guide and following that, Flintshire and Gwynedd too! The feedback from parents has been hugely positive and we have more guides currently in development.

I love working on these. The guides are split into 4 categories; Destinations, Beaches, Playgrounds and Woods & Walks. There are all also maps and tops tips included. I created icons that cover facilities the areas have to offer, for example; Culture, History, Cafe's, Toilets, Parking, Wildlife, Ball Games, Picnic Tables, Wheelchair Access etc.

The format of the guide helps parents quickly find information on playable spaces including; Addresses, Cost, Facilities, Accessibility and a small summery about the area. There is also helpful information included about safety and benefits of getting outdoors.

There have been a number of posters created for classrooms in Anglesey that cover hot topics such as limiting screen time, healthy food and benefits of good sleep. These feature characters from the guides to create consistency.

All the guides and posters have been bilingual; Welsh/English. The guides are tumble turn and the posters are fully bilingual with no prominence given to either language. Funding for these have been helped by Welsh government and so strict rules apply to bilingualism.

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