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The Brief

Branding and packaging design for the first ever Welsh Sunless Tanning Solutions. Collaboration with Welsh artist Niki Pilkington. Design a brand that engages with a dedicated tan-tribe of followers. It needs to be insta-friendly and super cool.

Agency: View Creative Agency

When I walked into the first meeting, I wasn't aware of the product but was familiar with Niki Pilkington's work. After that first encounter with the client I was buzzing and chomping at the bit to get working on ideas. When a client asks for neon, I'm game! This fake tan is hands down the best I've ever used and is a hidden gem.

There are currently Self Tan Mousses, Professional Spray Tan Solutions, a Tan Enhancing Moisturiser and Barrier Cream in production, in various shades plus, a Pomegranate Scented Candle. Niki painted tropical prints for each product line; pink palm trees, green monstera leaves, yellow hibiscus flowers and purple pineapples. Stunning artwork that gives a really vibrant, fresh and summery feel which is spot on for the brand.

The logotype is bespoke and created specifically for Tanya Whitebits. Niki had suggested we play with negative space because, as the name suggests, it's about the white-bits. The logo is modern and minimal. There was fear of legibility issues but we decided it was time to be daring and unapologetic in taking this route. You won't forget the name and the logo is bold to suit.

Feedback following the launch has been just as we'd hoped it would be. Onwards and upwards for these guys.

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