Studio Hero Desk


The Brief

Logo and signage for an artists shop and studio. A space for artists and creatives to attend workshops, buy art and a base for the artist to work from. Branding needs to reflect the artist but consider the environment and atmosphere that other artist work may be viewed. It should be a blank canvas to exhibit work and have a utilitarian approach.

Agency: View Creative Agency

The creative home of Niki Cotton, a local artist and 'the bosses wife' at View Creative Agency, which, I'm quite sure she hates being referred to as! Niki has an incredible, individual style and you could spot her work a mile off.

She is predominantly a fine-art painter but also creates her work digitally and in 3D form often too. Colour, movement, light and texture is her thing and living on the coast inspires her hugely. You can see this in her work immediately and you'll find all those references on her instagram stories. She has bags of enthusiasm and has that aura about her that emanates creativity and life.

Niki's work is vibrant and energetic and her branding called for a more gallery-esque clean and simple backdrop for her art. Niki was clear from the beginning that she was after a utilitarian, nuts and blots type stamp on things. A functional, un-fussy and unromantic logo.

We went for a stencil font for the main logo and combined it with a bolder variation for accompanying text such as the street number and desk signage. I created a large scale stencil which we painted and sprayed (neon pink, yes!) on the handmade chipboard desk. It looks ace and really fits in the studio space alongside her neon bench, mega bright door and exposed concrete flooring. It's stark and functional, fitting the brief perfectly.

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