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The Brief

Based in London, Holistic Therapeutics combine clinical and holistic expertise to provide a treatment tailored to the client. Icon with supporting typography - moon/circle, connected/completed with dots as it represents connecting the mind, body and soul - closing the circle. Clean and fresh style with the use of colour.

After leaving her career in nursing, Sarah now offers an array of massages with a holistic and clinical approach to health and wellbeing. She tailors her therapy for specific complaints, such as; cancer, mental health and scar massage. Whether the client has specific health conditions or is just looking to reduce anxiety, her knowledge, experience and skills, combined with massage is her unique selling point.

Holistic Therapeutics is a 'safe space' for the LGBTQ+ community and so the design had to stay away from using a body shape as it could put people who are trans/non binary off. The branding had to have an inclusive approach that would sit comfortably with Sarah's client base.

I started by looking at LGBTQ+ symbols and ended up developing the circle and a line through it for the O, which could symbolise balance and alignment - being right where you should be, strengthening the ‘Holistic’ message. I made the simple sans serif font slightly rounded with soft edges so that it is less harsh, more friendly and used the moon for the C’s. The U came from playing with the idea of a stylised pestle and mortar, supporting her natural approach to remedies and therapy.

Initially the crescent moon had three coloured dots connecting the gap, using a gentle palette of pastel lemon, coral and lavender with the bolder and more vibrant turquoise background. The dots representing mind, body and soul. This then developed into the golden stars currently used in the identity, a perfect fit for Sarah and her magical healing hands.

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