Holly Knowles Coaching

The Brief

Branding for Personal Trainer Holly Knowles. The logo needs multiple expressions to be versatile to use across a small sportswear collection.

Agency: in collaboration with Ni+Mi

Holly is a Commonwealth Weightlifter, strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer and licensed British weightlifting coach. She is also a super cool surfer girl and mega babe.

Holly wanted to up her PT game by rebranding and curating her own HKC inspired merch to wear herself and offer to her clients. It was imperative that the logo deck had multiple design elements to use across apparel to pick and choose from for placement purposes.

The logo variations in the extended brand suite consist of a hand written style script, a blocky and edgy logotype and a simple icon. These were are all initially sketched by hand and as they’re not based on existing fonts, they’re totally unique and custom made for Holly. All of these assets strengthen her brand identity on and off the gym floor, from digital communication to personalised hoodies acting as walking adverts to potential clients when worn out and about.

The primary colour palette has all the rhubarb and custard vibes, featuring in print collateral such as business cards. I illustrated a series of instagram story template backgrounds using fluid sun / sea shapes and utilising colours from the brand pack to create a stylised representation of Holly’s surfer style; pale yellow sun, coral, surf blue and sea mist grey. For clothing we introduced some sparkles too with glitter vinyl.

A fantastic project to work on! We are currently developing a sustainable A/W collection featuring some custom typography.

Holly portrait sweater backHolly portrait blue hoodie
Holly portrait beanieHolly portrait sweater arm
Holly social background phones
Holly portrait logoHolly portrait phone
Holly landscape jacket
Holly portrait hoodieHolly portrait yellow hoodie